IFIP TC14 - Entertainment Computing Working Group on Interactive TV (ITV)


Pablo Cesar (CWI, Netherlands) - Secretary

Konstantinos Chorianopoulos (Ionian University, Greece) - Vice Chair

Owen Daly-Jones (Serco Usability, England)

Mike Darnell (Microsoft TV, Mountain View, USA)

David Geerts (K.U.Leuven, Belgium)

Jan Hess (Siegen University, Germany): Pending confirmation

Shang Hsu (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)

Jens F. Jensen (Aalborg University, Denmark)

Hendrik Knoche (EPFL, Switzerland)

George Lekakos (University of Aegean, Greece)

Artur Lugmayr (Tampere University, Finland)

Judith Masthoff (University of Aberdeen, Scotland)

Marianna Obrist (University of Lancaster, England),

Lyn Pemberton (University of Brighton, England) - Chair

Celia Quico (Lisbon, Portugal)

Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares (PUC-RIO, Brazil)

Mark Springett (Middlesex University, England)

Zhang Liping (Dalian University, China)


The wide availability of broadband networks and the diffusion of powerful multimedia computing in ubiquitous devices (e.g. mobile multimedia phones, home media stations, digital video recorders) have allowed interactive control of audiovisual content by the TV producer and by the end-user. To promote ITV research and development, and to enhance the use of ITV in the home and on the move, the technical committee will pursue the following activities:


To promote visibility and to increase the impact of research and development in the ITV field To bring together interdisciplinary approaches to ITV research and development issues (e.g. content production, computer science, media studies) To encourage cooperation between researchers and other established bodies and organizations, through the development of joint project proposals To facilitate the development of suitable academic and practical teaching programs


Alternative content distribution (mobile TV, peer-to-peer TV, IPTV) Content formats, interactive storytelling, user contributed content Interactive and personalized advertising systems Applications for t-commerce, t-learning, t-health, entertainment Ethical, regulatory and policy issues Interoperability of middleware, standards, multimedia metadata Authoring, production and virtual reality systems Content management, digital rights management Multimedia, graphics, broadcast and video technology Community television, content enriched communication, video conferencing Personalization, user modeling, intelligent user interfaces Usability, accessibility, universal access, multimodal interaction


5th European Conference on Interactive Television (EuroITV 2007), CWI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 6th European Conference on Interactive Television (EuroITV 2008), ICTS, Salzburg, Austria First International Conference on Designing Interactive User Experiences for TV and Video (UXTV 2008), Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), California, USA 7th European Conference on Interactive Television (EuroITV 2009), CUO, Leuven, Belgium 8th European Conference on Interactive Television (EuroITV 2010), TUT, Tampere, Finland 9th European Conference on Interactive Television (EuroITV 2011), UL, Lisbon, Portugal 10th European Conference on Interactive Television (EuroITV 2012), Berlin, Germany